My name is Cathy Powers. I am an author, speaker, and a lover of people. I live in our Nation's most military friendly state, North Carolina, with my Air Force veteran husband, Jim, and our four Chihuahuas.

I am also the proud Mom of two beautiful children, Bryce and Madison.

Bryce, my first born, was an amazing son and active duty Air Force AMMO Troop. At the age of twenty-one he was called to his next duty station, serving in Heaven,

Madison, my youngest, is enjoying her college years, working hard, and living her life to its fullest.

At fifty-years-old, I can look back at my life and clearly see the many tough times and seasons that could have easily destroyed me. Instead, through divine intervention, God has continued to shower me with His love, grace, and mercy, and I have become stronger, much more thankful for the little things, and my hope and faith have increased.

In a nutshell, I believe beautiful blessings can come out of even the most heart-wrenching situations in our lives. When we suffer a broken heart, a loss, or shattered dreams, it does not mean our "new normal" lives are no longer worth living.

My dream is for God to use my voice and experiences to speak life into a grieving world, offering hope and faith to the hurting.