​​​​​​​​​​​Cathy Powers, age 56, is a published author, wife, and gold star mother. She lives off the beaten path surrounded by a thick forest of trees and wildlife—a sanctuary of sorts teeming with generations of North Carolina critters who seem to be living the good life—with her USAF Veteran husband, Jim.

Cathy is a resilient soul, a good forgiver, and a lover of people. She attributes her personal relationship with Jesus Christ as the reason she has joy, peace, and a heart filled with love.

Cathy, a five time marathon finisher, has had the incredible experience of running in all 50 of the United States in honor of our great Veterans. This feat also includes runs in Washington DC, Puerto Rico, the Navajo Nation, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and Netherlands. Most would agree, running 26.2 miles in all kinds of weather and demanding courses without giving up is definitely an achievement in itself. With that said, Cathy believes the true character building happens during all the many hours, months and miles of training leading up to her races.

“In order to survive you must learn how to be more disciplined, more resilient, more focused. You must learn how to be brave, prepared, and motivated. And no matter what, you just can’t quit!!! Then one day you’re out running your race and there it is, you find your ENDURANCE. We all know that grief and healing look different for everyone. For me, I try to face and embrace my journey just one step at a time, usually in a pair of cool colored HOKA’s”.